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Chengdu releases social hotel facilities to serve quality standard
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Henceforth, besides restaurant of travel star class, the restaurant that if consumer thinks,understands the Chengdu City, guesthouse, hotel, hostel, go vacationing the social hotel such as village, inn, hostel serves a level how, need to see its have how many only " ginkgo leaf " can know. Recently, bureau of inspect of ability of quality of the Chengdu City is released external " facilities of social hotel facilities and service quality standard " , social estate of formulary society hotel from low it is to high ordinal component one, 2, 3 class, respectively with 1 ~ 3 ginkgo leaf is represented.

This standard sets, residential building must not apply social hotel, all social hotel must obtain start business of radical step ability. According to the requirement, social hotel wants overall arrangement basic and reasonable, convenient visitor is regular activity; Guest room has 15 at least (set) achieve above of 30 pieces of bed, of every pieces of bed cover an area of an area to be not gotten under 4.2 square metre; Have cold, warm establishment, each area is drafty; Set article between disinfection, mix between the deposit establishment of fire control safety, facilities facilities conserve is good, achieve neat, sanitation and effective; All sorts of directives and service apply Chinese to mark with the standard; Can provide a service with mandarin. In antechamber, must set total information desk, information desk has staff member on guard, offer 18 hours a day recieve, ask ask, settle accounts is mixed leave a message service. Processing guest is complained and administrator breaks out incident. Inside the room 24 hours supply cold water, 16 hours supply hot water. 16 hours provide cold hot drinking water. Additional, the standard still asks communal bathroom has clapboard, 25 people of every 10 ~ set a shower nozzle; 15 people of every 8 ~ between wash one's hands and face set a faucet, have defend slippery measure.

On the foundation of radical step, the standard returned pair of 2 class and the level that 3 class hotel should have to undertake formulary. Besides basic service and safe problem, 2, the service of 3 class hotel more human nature is changed also more internationalization. Hotel of 2 class society is due trouble-free establishment; What all sorts of directives and service beard use a standard is Chinese and English mark at the same time; Antechamber information desk has administrator 24 hours to processing guest is complained and break out incident; Guest room is offerred wake a service up. Hotel of 3 class society asks to set the disabled further special lavatory; Provide fax and network service; Have baggage go-cart, provide service of baggage discrepancy room; Have 20 at least (set) above can offer hack guest room; There is colour television opportunity inside the room, broadcast channel not less than 16, picture and acoustic quality are clear; Provide the service that brush a shoe; Offer carriage return line or parking lot; 4 (contain 4) the building of above has a guest to use elevator. Assess of social hotel social estate adopts an enterprise to declare, classification the method of assess, orgnaization of assess of social estate of hotel of society of the Chengdu City is unified and responsible the design of management of assess of social estate of hotel of whole town society and grade mark card is made, nuclear hair. The standard sets mark of social hotel social estate to answer at the same time park hotel is remarkable the position.
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