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What the attention needs in Western-style food banquet is formal
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Western-style food basically is pair of west countries, namely the be called by a joint name that dish of European each country chooses. Western-style food is delegate dish type with French, flower type, beautiful type, Russia type. What general and Western-style formal dinner talks below is formal: Want to consider the size of banquet dimensions above all, basis advocate the circumstance of guest, listed the list that accompanies a visitor, issue party invitation. Before the person that be invited attends the banquet, answer to asking according to invitation

Move dishabille or formal attire. On formal dinner, stand in gate mouth to greet a visitor by a male clerk, help a guest doff jacket. Male, goodwife greets a visitor in the hall, riant handclasp expresses to welcome. If have the cocktail before eat, the time that prandial time should compare the regulation on invitation at least is late a hour; If do not entertain cocktail, late 20 minutes OK. Its purpose is to let what those guests that arrive late have moment breath time. When the guest that be late enters banqueting hall, he must go to the front of goodwife seat, be late for oneself express regret. Male host gets move daughter advocate guest most first sitting, ask her to sit in him right. On formal dinner, goodwife always enters dining room last times. The arrangement of order of seats of fete sees legend: In Western-style banquet, goodwife is the true host in the banquet, acting the most important role first and last in the banquet. The guest always must notice her activity, lest miss appearance. The tableware of Western-style food is knife, fork, dish, still have a few special dinner service additionally, use at eating a few special cooked food. The use method of knife and fork is the right hand holds a knife, left hand holds fork, cut food small, send population with fork next inside. Do not need to change a hand when European use knife and fork, after American knife food, drop the knife, the right hand holds fork to send feed the entrance. Knife besides be used at cut food, still use a help to dial food to forked tine. Fork can be used at take food alone or be being taken to feed. If fork is not use with the knife, forked tine should up. When knife and fork is used, forked tine should is down. Normally, knife and fork is used is to be being taken when feeding entree. Hold spoon to use the right hand, forked spoon is used take when feeding, when hold law and knife and fork forkedly and be being used identical, below forked teeth directional. Order of knife and fork is pressed when repast by take in extroversion with. After every vegetable takes, make the same score knife and fork a v/arc sale at reduced prices inside, eat in order to show. If did not eat, place into character 8 or alternate park dish on, blade should inward. Divide outside drinking boiling water, need not spoon takes food, shang Yongshen dish or bowls of small Cheng Fang, spoon is used when drinking rise by the dip outside introversion send the entry inside. Be about to drink clean when, can hold soup dish in the palm slightly outwards. When taking the provision that contains fishy smell or strange ingredient, all deserve to have lemon, usable hand squeezes juice a drop be on food, in order to go fishy smell. More advanced Western-style food banquet should use 7 kinds of wine commonly, and every dish should catch up with 1 kind of wine. In Western-style food banquet, take what course, distribute drink what wine, deserve to use what mug, the regulation of this respect and requirement are very strict. Go up when cold meats or choice seafood cup, want drink spirited wine, with spirited goblet; Go up Shang Shi, drink sherry (Sherry) , with sherry cup; When Shanghai is bright, drink iced white wine, with white wine cup; Go up when deputy dish, the claret with drink good the Huaihe River, with claret cup; Go up when entree, drink bubbly, with bubbly cup; Go up when the desert, drink arsenic wine (Port) , with wine-cup; The fruit is mixed on when cheese, do not need to go up commonly wine; Go up when coffee, drink brandy or liqueur, with brandy cup and liqueur cup. After the banquet begins, when each dish comes up, also want to let dish via goodwife, gift is nice begin to dine. The napkin after sitting should be made the same score put on genu, a little much a place of strategic importance is in the man collarband. Of every guest before, some putting have a menu. The intention of menu is not the abundance that expresses dish to guest, the appetite that lets guest him ground however, how many what the decision takes food. Tell from ceremony, the guest when every dish comes up cannot refuse, if do not like some food, might as well take less as far as possible, the dish remnant that lets do not eat is fed before dish in, it is clodhopping behavior. All sorts of dish pattern should notice when dining have a way: Eat the meat kind from time to tome two kinds of means: European habit is the edge cuts an edge to eat, and beautiful type has a way is knife after be over, put the knife in feed dish on the right side of, sheet is taken with broach feed; Hamburger, omelette, salad need not knife, use fork only; Eat biscuit to cannot use knife and fork, rip with the hand only will eat; Scamper potato piece, the food such as cutlet, celery, need not knife and fork, can take with the hand feed. Take when feeding, pick up with big toe and forefinger only take, napkin mop hand can be used after feeding; Eat a desert to use mug-up fork and spoon; When drinking coffee, use cube sugar of small teaspoon agitate, is not to use dip water. -- classics drink passes, unfavorable put spoon into the cup; Bone broken bits should be put in feed dish right horn; When dining, should shut up masticatory, cannot have voice; The sound such as burp, more nohow discourteous behavior, can be regarded to be ungracious expression. When the banquet ends, host stands up above all, announce to come loose banquet. Let female guest leave place first, it is male guest next. No matter be to leave banquet or take one's seat, male guest should help female guest pull chair, assistance leaves banquet or take one's seat. After leaving place, cannot hastily ask for leave from a meeting, should await goodwife to go out see a visitor out, just but handclasp character is fastened.
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