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Without stannic products big public house
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Hotel guesthouse is booked Hotel guesthouse is booked

Astral class: 3 stars
Hotel introduction: Big public house of the products that do not have stannum is collect accommodation, meal, shop, the restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of omnibus international travel that recreation is an organic whole, be located in the downtown that do not have stannum flourishing a sector of an area. Big public house has the standard guest room with all ready establishment, style the dining-room of each different 10, the food of raise of the Huaihe River that provides beautiful with cooking color, sweet, flavour, form and celebrated. Center of business affairs of big public house provides excellent service for you. The hotel still has all sorts of recreation establishment.
Recreational establishment: Hall of singing and dancing, hairdressing beautifies hair
Meal establishment: Add breakfast additionally 20 yuan / (self-help of Chinese and Western) add a bed: 100 yuan /
Service facilities: Acceptability credit card: Visa, master, peony gets stuck, the Great Wall gets stuck, long Ka, pacific Ocean gets stuck, express, dalaika, domestic silver-colored couplet gets stuck
Traffic: Without
Address: Road of people of the city that do not have stannum 185
What belong to an area: 3 in relief square (downtown)

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