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Without restaurant of Xi Jufeng garden
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Astral class: 3 stars
Hotel introduction: Get together abundant garden restaurant is founded 1867, go up in Shanghai peaceful line and southeast Asia area is long negative great reputation, it is the hundred years old store that stannic city is characteristic exclusively with running cooked food of authentic stannum state. The hotel is located in road of area of business affairs of stannic city center, Zhongshan 555, border division of the trade before the railway station, the position is predominant, communication is easy. Hotel adornment style is decorous, distribution is equitable, establishment is top-ranking, have of all kinds in high-grade guest room, own the balcony with disparate style and size restaurant more than 20, can lay 700 people at the same time have dinner, still have assembly room and sauna, sufficient bath, act art, chess card recreational establishment of each form a complete set, it is a collect what meal, accommodation, recreation, recreational, travel is an organic whole is large and integrated model hotel.
Recreational establishment: Discotheque card pulls room of card of OK hall chess to massage room sauna room
Meal establishment: Bar of Chinese meal hall
Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of ticket Wu service washs parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs shop of flower of dress Wu bazaar is strong imprint inn is tonsorial hairdressing room
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25 be apart from from the railway station that do not have stannum (kilometer) : 0.5 surroundings: The stannic benefit park, park in the city, Na Chansi
Address: Road of the Zhongshan that do not have stannum 555 (triumphal door square)
What belong to an area: Chong An area