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Without stannic international restaurant
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Astral class: 4 stars
Hotel introduction: Building of merchant of meal of the international that do not have stannum is 30 tall, have administration wait with odd world between flatlet, luxurious flatlet, luxurious standard in all 369, configuration of the establishment inside guest room is complete, interface of system of order programme of satellitic TV, VOD, broadband, guest waits for everything needed is ready with the safe. Eye shot of scene of window of hotel guest room is open, town of general view stannum is bustling downtown streets. What design of double deck glazing assured guest room is quiet the stability with conservatory, for your journey the life is made the same score add a warmth.
Recreational establishment: 8 buildings: Sauna, sufficient bath, ping-pong, billiards, hairdressing beautifies hair, chess card, gym, book, infantile activity room, infirmary 29 buildings: Hall of singing and dancing
Meal establishment: Breakfast: 45 yuan / portion (self-help of Chinese and Western) breakfast place: 2 buildings hall, time 7: 00am-10:00am adds a bed: 158 yuan / bed
Service facilities: Computer rents acting guest to wash the parking lot inside wardrobe
Traffic: Put the airport without Xi Shuo - restaurant of the international that do not have stannum: Taxi, 30 minutes or so, about 50 yuan are located in the downtown that do not have stannum flourishing shopping centre, be apart from a railway station 300 meters, the airport 20 kilometers, shanghai peaceful high speed 5 kilometers.
Address: Before county of the city that do not have stannum east street 88
What belong to an area: Near the railway station