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Without hotel of Sikkim lubricious rich and powerful family
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Hotel guesthouse is booked Hotel guesthouse is booked Hotel guesthouse is booked

Astral class: Grant 3 stars
Hotel introduction: The collect meal that hotel of aureate rich and powerful family makes by standard of hotel of fast star class, accommodation, travel, recreation is hotel of the travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of an organic whole, business affairs. Be located in the urban district on park of benefit of stannum of —— of sole beauty spot, border garden of Changjiang Delta name: The chant garden, garden that send free, depend on Beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal closely, draw near according to hill water, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out. Need several minutes only to area of central business affairs on foot, give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, communication is very easy. All ready, building is full of hotel facilities elegance of Changjiang Delta characteristic, decorate, service is perfect, offer meal, guest room, conference for guest center, travel, recreational the characteristic that waits for a series of quick, advantage serves. Style of guest room establishment is decorous and sweet, meal has distinguishing feature extremely, enjoy great reputation. 2007 practice
Recreational establishment: Chess card room
Meal establishment: Breakfast: 18 yuan / the portion adds a bed: 100 yuan / guest room of hall of nocturnal Chinese meal sends eat service teahouse
Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of ticket Wu service washs auditoria parking lot dress Wu
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25 be apart from from the railway station that do not have stannum (kilometer) : 5 be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 1.5 surroundings: University of garden of stannic benefit park, chant, Chong Ansi, Changjiang Delta
Address: Road of benefit of stannum of area of pond of the north that do not have stannum 2
What belong to an area: Chong An area