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Without cafe of garden of stannic stannum sea
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Astral class: 4 stars
Hotel introduction: Member of group of Chinese friendship hotel---Without cafe of garden of stannic stannum sea, be located in the city that do not have stannum bank lake new the city zone, it is cafe of business affairs of class of a 4 stars garden. The hotel is apart from a railway station to make an appointment with 8 kilometers, be apart from the large that do not have stannum to put the airport to make an appointment with 30 kilometers, communication is easy. Hotel design is original, adornment is elegant. Square of garden of green of 15000 square metre, relaxed and happy making a person; 300 many green shade berth car, convenient and quick; Resplendent and magnificent banquet hall, can hold 500 honored guests at the same time repast, 30 many styles the characteristic small office of each different, provide quiet and tastefully laid out, quiet have dinner environment for you. By renown hutch advocate dish of series of flavour of zephyr of manner and air of dish of manage another name for Guangdong Province, sea, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person. Special 120 guest room that make personally for quantity of business affairs personage, provide computer entirely free broadband gets online, toilet clean treasure is clean and comfortable. Each other of the meeting hall that can hold 300 much people and assembly room of of all kinds size and meal, guest room is form a complete set. The recreational fitness establishment such as hall of gym, tennis court, sauna, singing and dancing offers you to choose at will. Practice was decorated 2004 1998
Recreational establishment: Card pulls room of fitness of room of card of OK hall chess to massage room sauna room
Meal establishment: Guest room of bar of hall of coffee of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat service self-help breakfast: 45 add a bed: 100
Service facilities: Foreign currency of parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs changes service bill Wu to serve phone of DDD phone IDD to wash infirmary of shop of flower of bazaar of guest room of dress Wu disabled room of part of taxi of tonsorial hairdressing room has a broadband to get online
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 30 be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 13 be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 11 all round landscape: Gourd ladle garden, medium inspect base of share movie and TV, Mei Yuan
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