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Without stannic old hotel
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Astral class: 4 stars
Hotel introduction: Without stannum old hotel reposes in ancient canal bank, grand hold out batch, modelling is distinctive, uprise overlook, bridge brook scene, pull without more than. Restaurant is apart from dock 1 kilometer, communication is easy. Restaurant has 371 of all kinds guest room, adornment is refined, establishment is all ready, there is programmed control of freezer, small public house, safe, international to dial directly program of Telstar of interface of news report of phone, data, international to wait inside. Meal establishment has 9 Chinese food hall and, hall of 2 Western-style food, offerring course of various place gust is, total seat 1010, elegance of corridor of wine of a small room of rock-bottom idle ease is peaceful, it is to chat the good place of have a rest. The each recreation facilities of restaurant serves to can offer advantage. Practice was decorated 1998 1989
Recreational establishment: Discotheque card draws room of ping-pong of room of card of OK hall chess sauna of massage room of room of indoor swimming-pool fitness room
Meal establishment: Guest room of bar of hall of coffee of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat to serve Western-style breakfast: 83 add a bed: 140
Service facilities: Foreign currency of parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs changes service bill Wu to serve phone of DDD phone IDD to wash infirmary of shop of flower of bazaar of guest room of dress Wu disabled room of part of taxi of tonsorial hairdressing room has a broadband to get online
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25 be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 5 be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 3 all round landscape: Stannic benefit park
Address: Black district of the bridge that do not have stannum 1
What belong to an area: 5 love square