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Australia studies abroad, travel and hotel management are professional
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Reached on October 29, 2005 on October 31, australia is stationed in China embassy education department and Australia are stationed in department of education of Shanghai consulate general, teach a center with Australian international hotel and travel elite (THE-ICE) combination, was in two ground of Beijing and Shanghai to hold a chair respectively, revealed Australia to teach the advantage of the respect in travel and hotel management, started a series of concerned travel and the fellowship plan that the hotel administers.

The fellowship that add up to has 8 Masters and arrangement of specialized subject diploma will come was started in March in Feburary 2006. Among them, at least a fellowship will issue the outstanding applicant that comes from China to. Among them 5 sum fellowship will by Victoria university (technology of Sydney of Victoria University) , north and continue to teach a college (university of Darwin of Northern Sydney Institute Of TAFE) , Charles (Charles Darwin University) and can are earthed up pull an university (University Of Canberra) is offerred. An any member schools that fellowship of additionally 3 parts teachs central subordinate by Australian international hotel and travel elite are offerred, the student can choose to be read from inside more than 20 kinds of course.

Of this activity hold, attracted a lot of students and parent to manage professional attention to travel and hotel. Travel and hotel industry are a lot of more current the main component of national economy. Tourism also is one of pillar sex properties that Chinese economy grows likewise, enter a country travel, leave the country travel and domestic travel all grow quickly, travel industry dimensions is giant with each passing day, already made the whole world country of the 5th big travel. As the development of our country economy and tourism, in in the near future inside the hotel of a variety of forms manages mode to also will get rapid development. International journey and travel society (the opportunity of direct obtain employment that WTTC) predicts to industry of whole world travel was created 2005 achieves 74 million, 2.8% what take chance of global obtain employment. As the development of Chinese tourism, the obtain employment market of this one domain will need Gao Shuiping's professional. According to international commerce is monitored those who release " Chinese travel reported 2005 " , to 2020, the quantity will achieve year of tourist of China 21 million (it is now the double) that the tourist measures, to 2008 number of tourism obtain employment will exceed 20 million, 2% what hold number of all obtain employment. Beijing Olympic Games, Asia Game was mixed 2008 world exposition will produce very big effect to travel industry 2010. As increase of consumer demand increasingly at present, also rise increasingly to be engaged in the requirement of the personnel quality of travel industry, this specializations through the height that grooms strictly with respect to need personnel. Student of a lot of China has not been satisfied at domestic education, pressing hope accepts more high grade major to groom to travel developed country.
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