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Hotel management is professional
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Develop a target: This major is major of characteristic of contemporary service line of business, the high quality that professional education is engaged in supervising the work with be being fostered in a gleam of of meal course of study is special the talent is a target, the basic knowledge that the student can master contemporary hotel management adroitly through learning and service skill, become be engaged in contemporary hotel management and the sex of advanced technology application that recieve a service technical qualified personnel. Study expires to be able to obtain a country to unite via assessment issue first, certificate of qualification of profession of division of cook of intermediate Chinese style or antechamber and guest room are intermediate certificate of labour profession qualification or meal are intermediate certificate of labour profession qualification and diploma of professional technical secondary school.

Trunk course: Antechamber and management of foundation of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, contemporary restaurant, guest room management, meal management, travel learns generality, bar to manage technology of as professional as management of information of management, hotel, hotel English, cooking to wait.

Obtain employment whereaboutldirection: This professional graduate basically is faced large and medium-sized the service line of business such as guesthouse or large meal enterprise, hotel, the meal management that reachs relevant service technology post, public house from beforehand hall and job of guest room management reachs service station; Also can be engaged in a country service of management of relevant administration mechanism, peace and happiness and service station, conference and administrative post, travel is relevant the service of the industry and administrative post. Supervise industry staff as the hotel in short supply, situation of this professional obtain employment very value.