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Travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is professional
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The tourist guide outside graduate control churchyard and the basic theory that travel serves and run a side and knowledge, master travel to work method of qualitative, quantitative analysis, be familiar with the relevant policy of industry of domestic and international travel and code, understand domestic and international travel resource and travel to develop a tendency, have stronger organization to coordinate language expression and ability, human truck capacity and the capacity that use modern technology to get information, have the capacity of real problem in analyse and resolving travel service and government.

Main course: Theory of policy of travel general situation, travel economy, travel management, travel and code, tourist guide and solid Wu, leave the country country of dot of exterior of travel solid Wu, condition, main passenger source English of English of management of management of sale of market of general situation, travel, travel agent, hotel, the leader of a sports team, university, DZK.

Obtain employment direction: Tourist attraction of area of of all kinds travel agent, scene and international travel agent can arrive after the student graduates be engaged in a tourist guide, leave the country the leader of a sports team works; To travel administration field of tourist attraction of area of hotel of class of branch, travel agent, star, scene, golf, meeting exhibits a center to wait be engaged in of all kinds travel serves and supervising the work.