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Travel management is professional
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Develop a target: Make the student masters the basic knowledge of tourist guide service and travel agent low level management and professional skill; Education student has stronger Chinese and English oral expression ability and human communication ability; Have good service consciousness, formal ceremony and capacity of stronger meet an emergency. Make service of the professional that pursues tourist guide and travel agent management, hotel and staff of low level management. Qualification of this assessment of professional student classics can gain certificate of the corresponding tourist guide letter that issues by tourism bureau, grade of Chinese meal clerk and diploma of professional technical secondary school.

Trunk course: Policy of business of business of service of service of English of geography of travel generality, travel, travel, antechamber and management, guest room and management, tourist guide, travel agent and management, travel and code, ceremony is formal wait.

Obtain employment whereaboutldirection: Tourist attraction of service and the management such as the dining-room that basically is engaged in guesthouse, guest room, antechamber, old hall and travel agent, travel, of all kinds exhibit the travel such as the house enterprise or business the low level management of the unit works. This major is contemporary service course of study is in short supply model the qualified personnel is professional, graduate demands exceeds supply, obtain employment foreground very value.

Main course: Theory of management of company of management of program of resource of code of aesthetic of psychology of principle of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of economics of advanced maths, professional English, travel, canal, travel, travel, travel, travel, travel, contemporary restaurant, antechamber and guest room management, meal management, travel, tourist guide.

Quality requirement:

Travel management is omnibus very strong course, above all, travel supervisor must have substantial professional knowledge to basically include management to learn knowledge, travel economics knowledge, travel law knowledge, travel knowledge of chemistry of article of geographical knowledge, travel history knowledge, travel, travel plans to learn knowledge and international travel to learn knowledge.

Next, travel management is higher to asking from quality of personnel of course of study. If travel supervisor wants to have better figure, the meeting when some schools are recruiting travel to manage professional examinee raises specific requirement in body respect, height of general requirement schoolboy not under 1.7 meters (or 1.65 meters of) , schoolgirl not under 1.6 meters, some schools still can ask examinee does liver function to check.

Again, be engaged in travel management still must mastering English adroitly, the meeting in working because of controller often handles the document of English, often also be met and contact with of a few foreigners, and company of a lot of travel is in interview of invite applications for a job is complete English, the person with nice English is met very dominant.
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