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Student of wonderful knot example experiences the heart of cacique deep
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Yesterday (26 days) 17: 30 the left and right sides, the reporter comes " the heart of cacique " groom the spot. Groom right now already neared end, enter segment of example of the last knot.

Above all, the adviser invites her assistant, also be at the same time " the heart of cacique " the 2nd period female header -- Zhou Yu appears on the stage to say those who nod her individual to experience to classmates, the adviser is brutal and her appearance is kind, got the stage falls to be approbated with what learn.

Lamplight is dark below, appeared on big screen " groom titbits " , the form of Wen Bingmao of to in an attempt to told about the course that student has taken everybody of these two days of two night. Student people from time to time is silent the whole room burst into laughter of from time to time, they are found on titbits casual stay " beautiful image " oneself. Should hit on screen " the group is me, I am a group " when model of written characters, all with one voice shouts everybody: "Yes! "Yes!!

The most wonderful is of course " the men and women is strung together instead " game. Every family expedites a few " actor " appear on the stage to perform. 4 families not hesitate sacrifice " figure " , each are enrolled exceptionally. See especially at ordinary times the male tall canal that business suit change walks on people dress up be gorgeously dressed, student people yell sound. Impression giving a person is the deepest is 3 families " the horse steps flying swallow " the show of the team. Whole journey uses light music string, described a pair of sweethearts to part company oneself the story of become reconciled. "Schoolgirl " use a deep feeling finally " change one's views " the hand that pulls a sweetheart, the trend is happy.

A of Zhou Yu " sweet song welcome honoured guest " turn the mood of the spot to climax. Beautiful dance appearance earns student people blast an applause.

Everybody most expect, also be most the hour of perturbed came! At this moment, we should give optimal group and squad leader definitely. The PK that passes this two days and the link that add cent, of this first phase " group award " by 2 families -- " rat " 2 characters are picked. Their collective appears on the stage to receive award. "Old father " , " old Mom " say excitedly: "Real mark is in our heart, true results is aeriform, permanent. Previously, we are very conceivable really this award, but now, we had been been indifferent to to pot, because, we are a collective, this pot belongs to everybody! This pot belongs to everybody!!

The monitor's election takes democratic kind. It is first single out to think by every group the most conscientious person, altogether 4 student appear on the stage. Their collective right-about-face, face wall, by the student that leave people behind the monitor person selected that stands in memory, undertake " voting " . The reporter sees, the team behind Zheng Zining's classmate is very senior, looking true is place of common feelings of people to ah! "The heart of cacique " the 3rd period " Zheng Ban is long " was born from this! The humour of character of feeling of bear the palm of Zheng monitor is humor, true however and touching. In the meantime, he also is willing to assume the responsibility that has its team leader, often will contact everybody to meet later, promotional friendship.
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