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Hotel phone is received listen to a service to groom
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Hotel phone is received listen to a service to groom

The phone use in people life, in the use in hotel industry, gain ground more and more and increasingly important. Message of a telephone, the likelihood is group of an a banquet, tourism or of conference of a large business affairs book. If be received not in time,delay somewhat, cause certain pecuniary loss possibly to the hotel. Telephone message, the likelihood is direct superior what serve quality to this hotel is dark visit, place is summit visit a friend, if receive,listen barratrous, the effect that cannot redeem is caused likely on fame to the hotel. Recieve in normal management in, a lot of hotels receive the attitude of attending to guests that listen to differ because of the phone, receive listen to be complained not in time by the guest, damaged hotel image, affected hotel service advantage. Accordingly, no matter be which post, receive in the phone in listening to a service, answer seasonable, accurate, pay attention to language skill, main station avoid by all means unmanned on guard.

The phone receives the basic order that listens to a service

Receive listen to phone order

General ring does not exceed 1. 3 times, should take a telephone call.

2. pays simple greeting, mood is downy and kind.

3. signs up for an unit oneself (branch) name or individual full name (name of hotel of cable of exterior line phone, planted agent 4. The phone signs up for branch or post name) .

5. listens attentively to the phone main content of the other side seriously. If want another person of notify sb of a phone call, should ask the other side to be awaited a bit, drop a telephone call gently next, go other of notify sb of a phone call. The other side informs or ask something so, should ask by the other side 1, 2, 3... write down one by one, and repeat or answer the other side.

The main content that 6. is written down or ask clear the other side the announcement or leaves a message, time, place, number and full name.

7. hits a phone to thanks to the other side.

After the other side such as 8. drops a telephone call, oneself are put down gently again.

Make the program of a phone from the hotel

1. has arranged phone content beforehand (lest remember wasteful time hard to avoid temporarily,omit) .

After 2. dials a telephone to the other side, pay simple greeting.

3. introduces myself.

4. uses honorific, the specification should search communicate the person's full name or the person that trust notify sb of a phone call of the other side to want to search.

5. affirmatory the other side pays simple greeting to want the person that seek.

6. presses precondition 1, 2, 3... summarize phone content one by one.

It is clear to 7. affirms whether the other side is clear or be recorded.
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