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Management of hotel meal cost is shallow talk (one)
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Strengthen financial management, reduce cost, score the biggest gain, it is the jumping-off place that strengthens hotel meal management and a home to return to. .

Purchase link to be controlled beforehand

Build raw material to purchase plan and examine and approve flow. Administrator wants meal ministry to carry according to the battalion of hotel meal characteristic, the raw material with periodic formulate purchases a plan, refine examine and approve flow. Be like daily and direct the raw material that takes a kitchen presses the management circumstance that day and storehouse to have store quantity, the raw material that will make the next day purchases an amount, guard a pass by administrative total hutch examine and verify. Important raw material is like swallow, wing, Bao to wait should practice 2 class control, want to be declared via total hutch, examine and verify of meal chief inspector signs up for general manager to examine and approve. Decrease to be purchased without the plan. Big to be being reached outside the plan article, must undertake purchasing through reporting general manager is approved.

Build system of rigid periodic inquiry quote. Of hotel meal execute every 10 days to be cycle of a price mostly into kitchen raw material directly, relatively stable to daily value breed executes price of inquiry, month to make. Meal ministry builds system of periodic market inquiry to be fulfilled strictly, so that discover market price case goes in time,change a condition, develop season cooked food at the same time, rich food tastes sort.

Carry out classification price plan. Current, what maturity uses yuan of big public house leave to classification in Ning Bo price, restricted bidder, rater effectively to reach purchase ministry tripartite. Namely bidder every a period of ten days bids, price support of the people purchases department staff to open box jointly, purchase an input to bid valence, meal ministry and purchase a ministry to input market inquiry from another, the information of raw material price that by rater basis 3 channel must come to undertakes comparative, choose, integrated circumstance undertakes fixing a price, tripartite does not meet.

Order of staff level market. Supply to make the norms of all sorts of food raw material that make accords with the market already, satisfy a kitchen to produce demand again, kitchen administrator must weave strictly of this enterprise purchase detail sheet.

Check and accept link to father to involve replenish onr's stock

Check and accept pilot purpose, it is a basis the standards of quality of food raw material with self-ordained hotel, examine purchase raw material, check the value that purchases raw material, amount and quote are mixed order goods consistent, and send all sorts of received raw material in time to storehouse or kitchen. Accordingly, checking and accept control is those who had held this raw material to enter kitchen and storehouse the first close.
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