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Reduce cost, increase hotel profit plan
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Strengthen cost control, increase hotel profit, it is one of hotel management keys, and meal ministry as the hotel the largest management section, its cost controls the key that will be hotel management key. Will be united in wedlock below at present the real operation of the hotel reachs an issue brief the control that talks how to strengthen pair of meal cost through establishing perfect cost hierarchy of control and business accounting.

One, income commands a respect

Income is the premise that assures profit, control good income is crucial.

1, fixed and basic cookbook

Make clear cookbook and price, person specially assigned for a task inputs computer in time. If other dish is adjusted, have formulary program change and be adjustmented, seafood kind if change,wait for current price dish not quite, can press 5-7 day (or shorter time) do adjust, current problem: We are current chef changes frequent, cookbook changes frequent, had not decided even the basiccest masses cookbook come down, cause the name of an article, price to wait to cannot be mixed certainly check.

Plan adopted step: Already was in with meal ministry and kitchen now harmonious decide cookbook as soon as possible, strive for can come down surely before lunar base, most at least can come out cookbook of a few in a popular style, do not change because of the change of the kitchen, sign up for send finance affairs to give examine and verify.

2, the standard displays ark dish shop sign

Display ark dish card to must press cookbook standard strictly to indicate, when ordering dishes, the member that order dishes also must be recorded strictly by dish brand name all ready, do not get simplified a book or adapt, lest receive silver member when the input promiscuous and say and the price.

Dish card is changed now more optional also, the member that order dishes is gone after blindly order dishes speed, there always is simplified a book when ordering dishes or adapt, bring about the member that receive silver to cannot find corresponding dish when the input orders dishes, cause wrong leakage easily, and also affect rate.

Take step: Undertake communication with meal ministry, ask its must undertake ordering dishes reaching normative dish card by standard cookbook name;

3, voucher loses account

The member that receive silver orders dishes the input needs name of the accurate menu that press a point to input, if have,have by accident, should notify party instantly (the member that order dishes) or office area superintend and director guides inquiry is clear about, the optional menu that press a point is inputted or do not revise cookbook to input at will.

Current problem: Too much cookbook is not complete, county and dot sheet is non-standard also, optional logogram, the member that receive silver orders dishes the too much dish earth when the input cannot be found, and corresponding personnel cannot be found to solve when the business is busy, to assure speed, it is to use modification cookbook means to undertake, produce flaw easily.
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