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Theory of curriculum integration features in the lab teaching hotel Swiss Hote
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Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School with the 2010 Tourism Management (Hotel Management) students in teaching practice, providing students with a real operating environment, November 9, the Sino-Swiss Hotel Management School teaching hotel officially open for business, 2010 Travel management students officially entered the teaching hotel, in hotel management. Teaching hotel in the real environment training service skills, experience real operating environment, application of low-grade tourism management an important part of the course, but also the characteristics of Swiss Hotel Management School is located. In this teaching process, teaching hotel full of special classroom and laboratory functions. Hotels in teaching this semester's teaching activities for 9 weeks, the 2010 Tourism Management (Hotel Management) of the five hundred divided into 96 groups of students, according to a Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, bar, cash register department, steward five departments practical theory turns the content of course. Practice 6 hours a week for three weeks to conduct a job rotation. The teaching activities of various departments in accordance with hotel standards of service and management processes. Students will abstract principles, procedures for use in practice, familiar with and master. Such as lectures, guest service program mentioned tea, open mouth cloth, food service, practice may face withdrawal of offer, Tim tea random response procedures. In the application process, students continue to understand the details of services, operations after the end of the meal will summarize the various positions, the teacher asked each student to pay attention to the problems found during service, and to help students to summarize this. 2008,2009-level tourism management in the teaching about 50 students the fifth hotel internship semester and third semester, some of them are excellent students in management positions, which help instructors in the course of 2010 to practice Shidishimei guidance, summarizes customer feedback. Each section of the hotel in the teaching practice of course the performance will be from the attendance, grooming, level of operating standards assessment scores of students included in the course grade. Hotels in teaching students to practice operations during the event, some parents visited the school in teaching hotel restaurant. Participating students, some parents just children. In the feeling of a practical and applied learning activities to learn more about the College's educational philosophy, the parents of this unique teaching model that recognition and support. Food service application program group consists of Liu Jie, Liu Fang, Jin Li Hua, Pang Wei Quan, Oliver Mayer (Oliver Mayer, Switzerland) composed of five teachers, is an international, application-based teachers. Five teachers have a wealth of industry experience and international hotel management education background. In the teaching process, teachers focus on the impact of their words and deeds of the students attach importance to student feedback on course effectiveness, to collect opinions from time to time to adjust to the curriculum. At the same time, teachers also collected from students during the teaching practice examples, and continuously update and enrich the teaching and learning materials. Teaching activities in teaching the operation of the hotel to play the "big lab" role, to provide students with a real place on customer service. To serve as the main task of teaching, encouraging students to participate in the maximum operation and management, is teaching in the Swiss hotel and outside the hotel the biggest difference. Pang Wei, according to the right of teaching, general manager of the hotel description, in order to improve the eating rate, to attract students and teachers as a teaching hotel guests, to create a real service environment to achieve the effect of teaching, the hotel Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, bar food and drinks at cost price of the basic sales. Open meal a month, the overall operation of good, average, more than 100 customers a day people, fully able to achieve the purpose of training students. It is reported that students involved in operations, management as the core, the future of teaching hotel also plans to approach community, according to student interest in different areas of expertise to provide the bars, Chinese food, Western food management, food production, marketing and other areas of expertise, the in-depth learning opportunities to enrich and strengthen diverse students in the form of professional knowledge and skills.