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Hotel supplies business: Anhui Hotel Supplies Yuduo market lost ground
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Last year, the newspaper had "traveled to Guangdong, Anhui open the hotel to buy supplies Why? "Article on the huge hotel supplies the commercial space market there were reported a year later, the reporters yesterday at the Second China (Hefei) International Hotel Supplies Exhibition interview was informed that, despite the billions of hotel supplies market Anhui country is still half the cake by the provinces, "carving up", but local companies have begun gearing up Hefei want to regain lost ground through a variety of forms. Save billions of hotel supplies business How much is a five-star hotel to open? The industry's answer is just a conservative estimate for purchases of hotel supplies of 1 billion and a budget hotel supplies purchases are thousands of yuan. As of September, Anhui star hotels has reached 465, of which there are five-star hotel has been listed 10, to be built, under construction, to be evaluated in more than 90 high-star hotels. In Hefei, the five-star just been listed, the number of four-star hotels reached 17, up to hundreds of hotels. This conservative estimate, Anhui hotel supplies of up to tens of billions of business opportunities, and the count is going to build a number of new hotels, hotel supplies, the amount of potential business opportunities will be more than million dollars. Lack of opportunities for the professional market is carved up Despite the tremendous business opportunities, but many hotels in the interview that most of their hotel or the procurement of supplies in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places. "Anhui province 8 into the hotel still purchase hotel supplies, because of Anhui is still a lack of professional hotel supplies procurement market, and in Guangdong and other places, such professional market can easily make the hotel one-off purchase to all the necessary products and equipment. "Province, Maanshan Iron and Steel kitchen Chamber of Commerce, said Deputy Secretary-General. It is understood that the country supplies more than 20 large hotels in the centralized market, there is no one in Anhui. Hotel Supplies debut wins Anhui lost production In yesterday's International Hotel Supplies Exhibition, reporters found that 12,000 square meters of exhibition site, to include catering, cleaning, washing equipment and supplies, drinks, coffee, textile fabric, uniforms, hotel supplies, appliances and other 9 major categories of supporting nearly ten thousand products, in more than 360 exhibitors, many local hotel supplies manufacturers face, including stainless steel kitchen stove, Hefei, refrigeration technology, Xuancheng of refrigeration equipment, Tongcheng feather products, there are many local hotels supplies dealers face. "We're an international hotel in Hefei city already supplies products, the province has started a hotel in the local procurement, saves a lot of transportation costs." Hotel supplies a local dealer told reporters. And many companies have said they would be interviewed by more than propaganda, to accelerate development of new products, etc. to attract the concern of the local hotel. "In fact, this hotel supplies exhibition to do is this, on the one hand for the hotel supplies manufacturers business opportunities, but it is also convenient to the hotel's centralized procurement, professional hotel supplies market to make up for lack of Anhui regret." Hefei Tourism Bureau official says , and the country more than 100,000 enterprises compared to hotel supplies, Anhui, professional production and management hotel supplies and equipment, the number and size of enterprise deficiencies, to establish, between the exhibition is also conducive to peer exchanges, further expanding the strength of enterprises Bentu hotel supplies .