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More than men chop down a sudden break around the hotel patrons
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Intern reporter Raochun Wu Tsai energy, Zhang Hongtao reports: Qianri Wan, Hankow Race Course angle of a restaurant in the murder, a middle- aged man, meal, suffered the attack killed more than thugs. Race Course Road, the incident angle of the village of fresh fish restaurant. Reporter at the scene yesterday to see the ground in front of blood was visible, restaurant owners and waiters, Ms. Gu Li made after about trouble. According to reports, the night before 6:30, Mr. Qian nearby residents And 20 friends went to the restaurant, but sat two tables, the 20-year-old table sat 13 people, 8 of 30-year-old sitting at the table sat Mr. Qian eight table, this table also two women. 7 o'clock in the evening, twelve men, three 20-year-old sitting in the kitchen table close to Mr. Qian, in which a diminutive man suddenly stood up, picked up the table tableware, suddenly threw Mr. Qian's head. Subsequently, the other young men Mr. Qian came up gang fights. Upon seeing the restaurant owner quickly came forward to dissuade Ms. Koo found that men tended to have tattoos attack, and carry knives, machetes, hammers, etc., they all play Mr. Xiang Qian, who also pushed out of the chaos, after which she quickly reported Police. After the incident, Mr. Qian was taken to the hospital the police came, after she died. Ms. Ku said: "In addition to the three gangsters Twelve, the later group of people rushed to and from the outside, the scene was very chaotic, all criminals will be all the body joints Mr. Qian and stabbed and wounded, and some customers scared crying, Later, seeking only Escape, even the loss did not end, the restaurant lost nearly two thousand dollars. " It is understood that Mr. Qian was a frequent visitor to the restaurant, usually the more good, why a group of people hit the Mr. Qian unknown. Currently, police are investigating the case.