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Guangzhou hotel rates up 50% of the secondary airport security
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Asian Games curtain around the corner, rising all the way to Guangzhou, the hotel market. Reporter learned yesterday, during the Asian Games, Guangzhou hotel rates up 50% or more than usual. Guangzhou Asian Games will be held November 12 to 27 held. Reporter learned yesterday from Ctrip, during the Asian Games, Guangzhou, the star hotels are maintained at a higher price. Among them, the hotels, the average offer of about three-star 300-400 million, four-star, five-star hotels offer an average of about 600-1200 yuan. Overall, and on weekdays than during the Asian Games, Guangzhou-star hotel prices rose 50%, of which four-star, five-star hotel the highest increase About 80%. Before and after the Asian Games opening ceremony, Guangzhou hotel reservations hot, especially near the event venue hotels, such as Guangdong Olympic Center, Guangzhou University City Sports Center, the Tianhe Sports Centre and other peripheral nervous hotel availability. Air tickets, 11 May, tickets booking national flight in Guangzhou has been heating up. However, due to high iron in Wuhan, ticket prices falling instead of rising but there the situation in a few days before the opening ceremony can book up to 250 yuan a minimum 2.7-fold Cheap tickets. Industry insiders say the recent Guangzhou hotel reservations increasingly tight, the proposed concept of race during this period and accommodation needs of guests, air tickets, hotels are advised to book in advance. In addition, the Asian Games in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport will be implemented during the second security check, passengers need to receive two security checks before boarding. Therefore, as soon as possible to the airport to check in for domestic flights should be at least 1 hour or more, international flights should be At least 2 hours or more.