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Receive the ground to propose change of approach of flea market of heat of trave
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The Hongkong's person swims one of Thailand heat, be located in Bangkok downtown human relations wrap around the Buddhist nun the mulberry 崙 by the park flea market (Suan Lum Night Bazaar) faces approach change. Bangkok leet already promulgated south make shut the place, next meeting approach make authorities 3000 business door include shop, dining-room, small feed reach change of theater of famous and traditional puppet show to go out, so that shopping market of a market mixes build the hotel large spending at a suit place.

Thailand authorities Zhou Er publishs advertisement to make a statement in newspapers of local much portion, announce the court adjudicated development business P on January 30. The mulberry 崙 flea market lease that Con Development and authorities sign already was in ○ 4 years of at the expiration of one's term of office, need capture to pay the fine of about 24 million HK dollar; The small tenement inside all night fair needs to go out in the change inside 30 days, the person that violate will face confiscatory belongings imprisonment.

Hu Hui is strong: Have native land distinguishing feature

According to the report, authorities had signed a long-term lease with Central Pattana group last year, and Central Pattana is intended in mulberry 崙 the shopping market with the complete top Thailand of former address build of flea market and hotel are built group. P. Con Development expresses to already put forward to appeal, when needing as a result of proceeding, imply mulberry 崙 flea market at least still but add manages a year.

Hu Hui of Thailand travel expert is strong express, to mulberry 崙 flea market is about to shut feel regrettablly. He calls subway of this market vicinity stands, traffic is very convenient, add many cate, handicraft tastes seasonable outfit sale, have native land distinguishing feature extremely; Around every night also berth travels completely cling to, flourishing of free of stream of people.

As to whether to have other tourist attraction replaceable, hu Hui develops proposal journey group to be able to choose the Saphan Phut of adjacent Thailand palace, it is very pure night fair likewise. Except delicate handicraft is tasted, also have secondhand wave shoe and jeans sale, many abroad and secondhand inn also enters goods here. In addition, also can choose a surname of another night fair to spend a surname (Jatuja) , but be confined to reachs weekday to just do business Saturday.