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Azerbaijan will be built Caspian raise full moon public house
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Occupy American media 3 days to report, company of construction of Korea Harry Mu announced to build a few days ago " full moon rises " and " Caspian Plus " the plan of the hotel. The plan is ambitious, they try to let two hotels become make a person most up to now exclamatory hotel.

Notable is, although the great majority on the world is new,hotel and building are to be in enlighten do obeisance to reach area of its week exclosure " horizontal sky is born " , but of Harry Mu company create a spot and did not choose in enlighten do obeisance to, in choosing however inferior Azerbaijan capital cling to library. Without doubt, as " full moon rises " and " Caspian Plus " appear, enlighten do obeisance to be sure to welcome new challenge.

Although Halimu builds a company to just entered Azerbaijan in July 2007, but they establish the brand harmony that removes their very quickly to look, and take the building item that this next whole worlds fix eyes upon smoothly. According to the integral conception of Harry Mu company, this one project makes the public house that becomes independent by two. The first is " full moon rises " hotel. See not hard from the name, the appearance of this hotel is similar to full moon.

After building " full moon rises " the hotel will have 35, 158.68 meters tall, the gross area of 382 rooms will achieve 104182 square metre. Opposite at so large interior space, hotel room amount appears a few less, but having a bit is absolutely can assure -- the space of room itself is gotten greatly for certain fearsome. Besides living space, "Full moon rises " put apart huge trade uses a space.

Another with " full moon rises " those who fly wing to wing to fly together is " Caspian Plus " hotel. Although the area is done not have " full moon rises " big, but " Caspian Plus " also will become an extravagant and luxurious public house, it shares 32, 221 rooms, 128 apartment. Form by 4 buildings " Caspian Plus " will be a yard up lives with commerce the hotel at an organic whole. Say from whole, "Full moon rises " and " Caspian Plus " build group of impression that will leave unusual profundity to the person, people will stay the view here. Depend on abundant actual strength and rich fancy, people will see increasing magical building.