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Last batches of business spread meal market to enrol business to start
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[compere] the honored guest that shows up today for everybody introduction above all, businessman and media friends. We had favour to ask landed tomorrow business to develop central chief inspector Mr Gu Yupeng today, accept of acting travel luck tells company delegate, 10 thousand Cheng Yuan property are represented, property represents Tian Yueheng. Businessman delegate has go up chaffy dish of skill of Liu of delegate of insular coffee delegate, aesthetic chain store, meal businessman delegate, welcome the presence of everybody.

[compere] today mobile spot, more than 20 representative also comes to the capital to the spot all right, they are respectively: Real estate of home of Ruinatong, catenary, Central Plains real estate, Beijing is broad mansion, get the better of buy together course of study, medium morning and far, assist into broker of broker, ERA, I love me the home, 21 centuries, nimble becomes real estate, beauty.

[compere] attend this second mobile media has Beijing evening paper, new capital capital of BTV of times of newspaper, capital, CCTV reports economic column news of Beijing of group, BTV, BTV every day group of column of big lecture room of course of study of buy of conduct financial transactions, BTV many 30, express warm reception to your arrival! Thank everybody to attend us at the same time this activity, thank everybody to us the support of this activity.

[compere] 2008, continue as CBD east enlarge, sunny north road already was located be sunny area " fortune highway " , light course the construction of the traffic network such as 6 lines, of the CCTV east move, make Chao Qing board piece collect project of many high-grade residences quickly, form division of living center of business affairs of Beijing the eastpart part, because real estate of this this area commerce presents a flourishing atmosphere. Representative of 20 capitals brand collects young means all right today, hold " associated representative country is beautiful market of the first business (forum resembles book door model) the job that enrol business " press conference, adumbrative move is encircled toward black business " leading sheep " enrol blow business " assault date " .

[compere] have the objective that asks landed tomorrow business to develop central chief inspector Mr Gu Yupeng to give everybody introduction this activity above all, and the country is beautiful circumstance of operation of business of action of market of the first business and follow-up development problem.

[Gu Yupeng] everybody good afternoon, thank the friends that each friend of media, representative goes very much above all, this afternoon can presence country is beautiful the spot of market of the first business. Everybody knows the country is beautiful market of the first business since 6 years begin to sell, so far sale rate achieves 95% above, sale job nears end already basically. We act as agent to be being made an appointment with in the autograph all right with every now, include the two property company that attends a meeting today, still have the representing of our businessman, the purpose is to be in the beauty that become a state the job enrolling business of later period of market of the first business, the operation that includes later period works.
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