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Zhengzhou most be short of mechanic meal clerk and worker
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After the Spring Festival passes, various invite applications for a job already can be held many, can arrive nowadays, still units of many choose and employ persons blame skilled worker kind clerk of personnel, meal, average worker these 3 kinds or technical content is high, " start " move of smaller a few kinds of personnel is less than. City profession introduces analysis of expert of central obtain employment, these post enrol the prime cause that is less than a person, still depend on salary standard low, without competition ability, cause many personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Skilled worker of clerk of clerk, meal, average worker, production is begged be more than for

On Feburary 16, 17 days, center of introduction of Zhengzhou city profession was held in market of manpower resource center " resource of first 2008 manpower communicates congress " , share 224 units to offer post 11750, preliminary reach intent 6150 people.

Obtain employment expert negotiates to invite applications for a job the statistical data discovery of the meeting, the staff with larger demand of the unit after the section has skilled worker of clerk of clerk, meal, average worker, production to wait for staff member of a gleam of. Some units are in actually 1000 army the to apply for a job of 10 thousand horses person hollow hand and time. As we have learned, staff of work of ab extra Wu decreases and pay pay is low it is main reason.

Rare the pay pay analysis that lacks staff

Mechanic personnel

What at present Zhengzhou city needs most is mechanic above all kind personnel. Mechanic kind personnel is OK reduce lathe work, benchwork, planing, grinding work, milling, solderer, riveting, get labour of cut of labour of labour, boring labour, carpentry, spray paint, line, cold charge for the making of sth. to wait. It is reported, zhengzhou city is original a lot of large productivity enterprises, and the personnel from unemployment of the come off sentry duty in these enterprises is not little also, why to servantchoose a person for a job is unit action less than a person?

According to introducing, the existing enterprise that use worker worker is diminutive processing factory more, safe, welfare and working hours and former state-operated are large and medium-sized the enterprise is distinguished somewhat, make personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty incommensurate. In the meantime, the salary of these personnel is not high, the pay of the mechanic inside the market is controlled for 1500 yuan commonly, as bigger than wage gap as foreland photograph, in the billabong on certain level one part skilled worker. It is with a carpentry exemple, zhengzhou city every months 1500 yuan, and foreland lowest every months 3000 yuan, still be in charge of eating.

In recent years although graduate of school of this city ability is not little, but graduate pay is very low, work overtime the ground is dry, a month also won't exceed 1000 yuan commonly, this also caused personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year.
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