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Xining investigated problem meal unit 195
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On Feburary 18, xining city health bureau introduced to the reporter about personnel the meal sanitation of Xining city is safe and special during new year's day and Spring Festival this year supervisory examination works. Two during, whole town checks meal to run an unit in all 1301. Among them, put forward to rectify and reform an opinion to 174 meal unit, made administrative punishment to 21 meal unit, coexist fine 16500 yuan.

As we have learned, spend good red-letter day to ensure wide swarm is numerous, basis of city health bureau saves the arrangement of wholesome hall and municipal government, during whole town begins two meal sanitation is safe and special supervisory examination. In the examination, supervisory place key is opposite city sanitation of all kinds fete, dine together more large and medium-sized meal unit began an inspection. From the examination the circumstance looks, before the our city is passed a few special to the safety of meal trade provision punish and " 5 small " industry sanitation supervises test work, abide by the law consciousness strengthens management unit of of all kinds food generally, hold card rate, wholesome knowledge from personnel of course of study witting rate has before relatively bigger rise, process of food treatment, sale accords with wholesome requirement basically, all alone evidence that major unit established food stock with goods, check and accept, store system, tableware disinfection circumstance has before relatively bigger change. But also individual unit is put in unripe, ripe food to mix put, wholesome establishment is mixed with wait for non-standard behavior, got in be checked this gravity is handled. Two during, city health bureau still organizes supervisor to contract to having key of the hotel of feast, dining-room had go on a tour of inspection, eliminated a few potential hidden danger in time.