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Haidian area market of Spring Festival meal flourished 2008
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From association of service industry of Haidian area food understanding arrives, market of meal of area of Spring Festival Haidian still appeared a consumption 2008 demand is exuberant, the picture with market hot prosperity.

During the festival, association of service industry of Haidian area food is right enterprise of characteristic of wineshop of 34 states level, gust. Statistic shows 34 meal company year 30 to 5 days of time of 4 realize turnover first 4.92 million yuan, grow 8.17% compared to the same period. The analysis looks, the meal market during the Spring Festival basically had 4 characteristics 2008:

One, year the meal books feed cent to be two eat entirely

Look from the circumstance of feedback, people is right of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year book earlier and earlier. Before New Year, a lot of cafeteria shift to an earlier date a month appeared the case that one banquet tries hard. Boutique of a few meal was to appear to open the door more the characteristic with early, high rate reversing a stand. If have the barbecue of 300 much ageder names as if restaurant is advanced 30 a year, receive brushstroke order one year ahead of schedule, other store also is from 2007 9, began to accept meal of the eve of the lunar New Year to book in succession October. According to statistic income of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of 34 meal enterprise 1.189 million yuan, grow 14.15% compared to the same period. Content center buys on sb's behalf when Jin Yuan especially the hot setting that 5 cate square continues to deducing 10 thousand people to share meal of the eve of the lunar New Year.

Since year 30 since be being announced as legal holiday, many families in order to change meet an emergency, book year of lunch in succession, so that enjoy 30 in the evening more happy time. Year lunch and demand of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year are euqally much.

2 classical dish taste husband to highlight company culture

During the Spring Festival, each wine shop special dish regards company culture He Baogui as fortune, popularize actively, for example the Hangzhou sauce duck of wineshop of the large meatball of anonymous house, Xi Zihu bank; Of Xi Bei mix greatly dish order dishes rate be in hundred, sales volume is very considerable.

3 consumption level keep balance the citizen is basic and satisfactory

From 2008 circumstance of market research of Spring Festival meal looks, because of,many meal enterprises divide individual dish price the element of raw material somewhat outside fine tuning, maintain original level basically, because the consumption level of this common people and photograph of in former years are compared,keep balance basically also. Tall, medium, low class pulls open the price of each cafeteria, got used to demand of consumer of disparate arrangement of ideas respectively, common people goes out the proportion year after year of repast rises. According to sampling investigation shows: Average per capita consumes 200 yuan of above occupy 14.7% ; 60-100 or so yuan occupy 47% .
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