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Zhengzhou is hunted down fake farming endowment ban illegal meal
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Yesterday, food of commission of safety of province food medicines and chemical reagents is at ease the project evaluates a working group integratedly to begin to begin food to be at ease to Zhengzhou city project case undertakes checking.

Food percent of pass increases nearly 4 percent

According to introducing, " safety of Zhengzhou city food is special 2007 repair program " in basically anticipate the target already was finished in the round certainly. Look from statistical number, no matter Zhengzhou citizen is in him home cooking still goes out repast, safe index is very high.

Sampling observation result shows, vegetable pesticide remain is average percent of pass is 95% ; Average check gives lean lean choice rate for 0.22% ; Percent of pass of feed sampling observation is 95.1% ; Live pig nods butcher to lead surely for 98.4% , rate of quarantine of the butcher that decide a dot is 100% .

Additional, zhengzhou still pursues system of admittance of market of food quality safety in the round, the enterprise that accords with the condition that send card obtains food to produce licence entirely; Sanitation of comprehensive executive food supervises dining room of meal unit, school quantify manage by different levels system, meal has sampling observation percent of pass 89.2% ; Supermarket of urban and rural chain (bazaar) standardization of label of executive bulk food manages 273.

Last year, whole town did not produce major provision toxic accident, percent of pass of sampling observation of food of market of city, country rises respectively 3.5% with 4.5% .

Hunt down fake farming endowment 100 tons

Zhengzhou city pushs institution of produce market admittance in the round, current, this city produce approves 0 markets 100% bring into quality safety to superintend limits, solve basically use banned pesticide issue, put an end to violate 5 kinds of tall poisonous agriculture chemical such as compasses production, sale and phosphor of use armour amine, produce pesticide remain exceeds mark rate and check to go out rate is farther drop.

The produce market that developed last year is special in punish, hunt down in all fake farming endowment 100 tons, investigate false bad seed 133.5 tons, destroy by melting or burning is unqualified pork 800 kilograms, instruct to violating compasses enterprise to allot rectify and reform advice note 85, put on record is investigated violate compasses market, supermarket 4, send a requirement to rectify and reform case to government of producing area of unqualified vegetable, aquatic product 60.

Add in food production " makings " put on record entirely

In food production process, generator to reduce cost or the circumstance common occurance that use additive in disorder to extend food expiration period, according to the arrangement deploy of the whole nation, complete province, zhengzhou city began feature of blow food black shelter and production of raw material of use blame food to process food special punish activity, at present Zhengzhou city had 688 small mill to sign book of quality safety acceptance, all food production machines an enterprise to use the case of additive agent for food, pledge in place inspect branch concludes the case fully, put on record to lead and be typed rate all amount to 100% .
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